Choosing between Private and Public Criminal Defense Lawyers

Choosing between Private and Public Criminal Defense Lawyers

Individuals who are arrested are given two options regarding legal representation, and one can either opt for private legal services or legal aid provided by the government.

Clients facing a court trial will have to choose between private representation and public assistance regarding the legal services available, and as this decision can significantly impact one’s chances of success, it is a subject that merits adequate attention and care when approached. Individuals trying to decide between government-sourced representation and private legal solutions should consider the various benefits enjoyed from these alternatives, comparing and contrasting the long-term repercussions entailed with each option as well. Some of the elements involved in the decision-making process when trying to choose between a public and private defender include:

Type of Charges being faced

Defendants facing felony charges risk stricter sentences when found guilty as compared to individuals whose court appearances are related to minor misdemeanors and infractions, and the seriousness of such cases means that a private Denver criminal lawyer can best handle these circumstances. This argument emerges from the fact that private practices are more dedicated to the delivery of positive results as compared to their counterparts in the public department, as their track record influences the number of clients they can attract.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that 43% of cases handled by their public defender program in 2007 dealt with misdemeanors and minor ordinance violations, showing the market’s hesitancy to leave more serious incidents in the hands of government-provided representation.

Cost and Expenses

Though accepting the services of a public defender may seem cost-effective as the government is responsible for their remuneration and not the client, this affordability can at times come at a larger price that negates its value. The provision of these free services means that numerous individuals within the court system opt for this economical alternative over other solutions, leading to a drastic rise in the number of cases that are tried by these lawyers. The continued increase in demand for public prosecutors does not match the number of defenders available in a particular jurisdiction, however, meaning that most attorneys in this category are usually exhausted from handling the continuous caseloads delegated to them.

Choosing an independent Denver criminal lawyer can enhance one’s odds of getting better services as a result of this overflow in the public department, and individuals who may be worried about the costs entailed can seek organizations that offer pro bono services. These firms provide free legal aid as part of their social responsibility to the community they are based in and can ensure an individual enjoys free legal solutions featuring higher levels of quality than would have been possible from most public defenders.

Potential Judicial Collaboration

Individuals who have already agreed to a deal with the prosecution and all that remains is to confirm such details in a court of law might consider hiring a public defender to oversee the matter as not a lot of activities are concerned. However, choosing private representation even in such minimal issues can enhance an individual’s chances regarding the kind of deal that is negotiated or renegotiated on behalf of a client.

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