Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

It’s not easy to find legitimate consumer credit counseling services due to the fact that most of them of late have come under public wrath.A popular criticism against credit counseling is that engaging in such a plan damages a consumer’s credit which has also given rise to accusations that credit counseling is just another marketing gimmick used by lending industries.

It might be for this reason that experts are of the opinion that credit counseling has not been effective. However, one must not forget in a hurry that debt consolidation is not the same thing as credit counseling.

The Christian credit counseling is in the forefront and is making a mark in this field by not only demonstrating true intentions but also by providing credit counseling to consumers in an affordable way. It assists consumers in taking the required steps to reform their credit.

A consumer credit counseling service with trustee in bankruptcy has the objective of educating debtors in the various consolidation methods, one of such methods being the secured debit credit which can help you evade unnecessary extra clerical cost and also avoid legal actions against you. Credit counseling in a nut shell is designed for individuals who have plunged deeply into debt.

Your natural first choice should be Christian credit counseling if you are seeking for knowledge on non-profit credit counseling services. Just like every non-profit organization they are saddled with the responsibility of counseling and educating those who are in need.

Every not-for-profit credit counseling agency is bound by non-profit corporate statues and they comply with laws pertaining to state charitable solicitation.

For this reason non-profit credit counseling agencies offer services free of charge or charge a minute fee to take care of their expenses. It might interest you to know that the profitable nature of certain non-profit credit counseling agencies have been recognized by the respective Federal and Senate committees. As a matter of fact, for over five decades running, consumers have been immensely helped by non-profit credit counseling agencies. These organizations which offers debt management services and consumer credit counseling endeavor to keep your personal information confidential.

Regulations are put in place to restrict the fees charged by non-profit credit counseling agencies to their clients. Licensed non-profit credit counseling firms are mandated to regularly file their financial records with statutory bodies.

Some community counseling services however, are setting the pace and are taking their services above expectations. You can get free debt consolidation and counseling advice from them if you act sensibly.

Here are some steps that will help you

  1. Make a list of all community based and non-profit credit counseling agencies.
  2. Examine their business histories and accreditations on their websites and testimonials.
  3. Before signing any documents, have an interaction with them.
  4. Do not leave anything in doubt; obtain their obligations and your responsibilities in writing.
  5. Receive assistance from the Foundation for Credit counseling to find out about some credit counseling firms.

Always bear in mind that credit counseling is an ethical and legal alternative to filing for bankruptcy. Whatever the case might be, credit counseling is a useful option before seeing a trustee in bankruptcy.

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