How to Choose a Great Family Lawyer

How to Choose a Great Family Lawyer

When it comes to family lawyers, it is crucial that they are not only experienced, but also have the capacity to exercise compassion along with a cool head. It is no good for a lawyer to become too emotionally involved in a family law case, but they do need to have the ability to provide a level of understanding. This is because many matters that they deal with on a weekly basis involve vulnerable people and those who may even be grieving.

What Do They Do?

So, what do family lawyers in Sydney typically do? What kinds of services can they offer? Consider the following:

  • Divorce: When two people are seeking the legal dissolution of their marriage, it is called a divorce. It is often a good idea to hire a family lawyer because they can ensure that the documents are completed and filed correctly. The last thing that any divorcing or separating couple wants to have to deal with is delays.
  • Children: When a family breaks down and two parents go their separate ways, the emotional fallout is immense. This can seriously affect children and teenagers the most as they try their best to deal with the fact that their family is in emotional freefall. Unfortunately, all too often, the children involved in such cases shut down emotionally or become angry and even depressed. An experienced family lawyer can deal with child custody issues as well as maintenance, visitation rights, and support.
  • Assets: When two people divorce, there are often a number of assets to distribute, including finances, property, and valuables. This often becomes a messy and emotional affair, and in some cases, professional mediation may even be required to settle a hostile situation. A family lawyer can assess the assets that need to be split according to the law and can also organise for mediation services, should they be required.
  • Domestic violence: Cases of domestic violence and abuse do exist within our communities. It is therefore of great importance that when one person desires a divorce from an abusive partner that their case is handled by a lawyer who is experienced, professional, and supportive. In so many cases, the people involved in such cases are vulnerable and affected by trauma.
  • Wills: Though we may not like to think about it very much, death will come to us all eventually. It is important that everyone has organised a will so that their assets and valuables can be passed down to their beneficiaries according to their true wishes. Speaking to a family lawyer about this can help to clarify things and ensure that the will itself is completely legal.

The Law and Our Community

Given that our entire community rests upon the stability of the family unit, family lawyers hold a special place. Whether they are dealing with divorcing or separating couples, or helping to organise wills and probate, a family lawyer can deal with a wide range of legal issues. In this sense, they are one of the cornerstones of our society.


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