Trust Experienced WSIB Lawyers To Win Your Claim

Trust Experienced WSIB Lawyers To Win Your Claim

When you arrive at your workplace, day in and day out, the last thing on your mind is getting injured. When an accident occurs on the job in Ontario, your case will be seen by the WSIB, a No Fault insurance provider. If you need of medical attention, then there may be medical bills that can accumulate from prescriptions, physiotherapy, and other treatments not covered by OHIP. For employees, the board’s three main objectives are covering loss of earnings, extra healthcare expenses, and your return to work.

When it happens, hiring a workplace injury lawyer is one of the smartest things you can do. A workplace injury lawyer will consult with you and tell you what to expect out of the process. While you focus on your recovery, they can guarantee that your claim stays on schedule and that you’re equipped with all of the appropriate paperwork. Sometimes, the board decides to turn down a claim; while you may make an appeal, at this point you will need to seek the help of a workplace injury lawyer. Working with legal representation can keep you out of that situation from the get-go.

Win Your Claim

In Ontario, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board provides several different types of benefits. You can be compensated for loss of earning as well as future economic loss, in addition to health care. If your injury prevents you from completing ordinary tasks in life independently, you could also qualify for special services, which cover ongoing issues such as occupational disease. The WSIB also offers a Return to Work benefit, which can facilitate your return to your previous position or a job in a new industry. In 2012, there were no fewer than 977 workplace fatalities in Canada. Survivors of these fatalities can also be entitled to compensation from the insurance board, as they have lost an important income earner in their family.

When you’ve been injured at a GTA jobsite, the best strategy is to hire a workers comp lawyer in Toronto. When a person hires a workers comp lawyer, they are much more likely to see a favourable outcome for their claim, and they can leave the stress up to the attorney. WSIB advocates will handle the paper work and the time frame. They are proven to get better results than individuals who handle cases themselves. They take the stress out of the post-accident scenario, and you can focus on getting better instead of legal issues.

If you’re not sure what to do about your scenario, consider this list of the kinds of cases Toronto’s Goodman Law Group typically handles. They specialize in cases regarding loss of earnings, non-economic loss, survivor benefits, return to work disagreements, ongoing diseases, neck and back problems, strains, and appeals. Look for firms that, like Goodman Law Group, employ paralegals with previous experience working for the WSIB to give you the insider’s scoop on the board’s decision-making process. Turn to seasoned legal representation to see you through this dark time.

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